About us

India's No 1 Mistress Shelly Sharma

Welcome to the dungeon world of Domina indian mistress shelly sharma. Pain is the dark beginning of the aphrodisiac. that's what I feel, where is no power, there is No control; thus no restraint or balance. BDSM is the bitter-sweet realm of pain, control, commands and worship. A world where you get punished without committing a sin. You enter here not with your consent but with the mistress's whose feet are made for deity worship.

About me


I am hot headed and passionate about life, and everything I do. I truly understand life and all its glory detail, so can face and understand extreme situations or emotions with you that you may feel when you are cast under my charm, pushed to your limits and kneeling at my feet.

I am a formidable force of feminine spiritual energy. I am the ultimate no-nonsense goddess, GODDESS because I have the right to that title. Woe betide any man that gets on the wrong side of me – or should that be the right side of me.

My sultry looks, velvety skin and killer green eyes are both alluring and menacing. My leggy, sleek and slim heavenly body and my seductive dominant nature will make you weaker than ever, you’ll grovel at my feet – where you belong!

Vital Statistics:

Heritage: part Mediterranean
Height: 5’5″
Hair: dark brown,
Eyes: Brown
Boosbs Size :38 B

It gives me the utmost pleasure to have a man kneeling before me, begging to worship and adore my beautiful legs and feet.

I absolutely LOVE hosiery and delicate sexy high heels.  I could while away many an hour trying on my various outfits and reveling in the sensations they bring me.

The only thing missing, of course, is a suitably subservient and worshipful male worshiping at my feet.

Any takers I wonder?

The pleasures of Mistress Allure…

Mistress Shelly uses the title of Goddess for good reason as She particularly enjoys training men in obedience and divine worship. I am highly Hypnotic in execution and a true artist of rhythm, tone and pressure I am refined and yet still wickedly playful.

Before you cower before me, heart, mind, and body seduced into the most compelling act of devotion and submission that you will make you should know a little bit about me.

As a natural Domina, I am fortunate enough to do what I love: to play, live and to work at what I do best. Educated, intelligent and articulate I am highly cerebral, and therefore more than capable in the manipulation of your mind and body into my netherworld of female domination.

I have an intimate understanding of the dynamics of power inter-play, being highly creative and inventive within my domain where I rule supremely, weaving treacherous fantasies around the expression and limits of your scene. A pleasure advocate through the intricate channels of pain. I expect my beloved subs absolute worship, devotion and reverence as you learn the arts of My Authority.

Wearing my whip and pain marks upon your skin is indeed a most sacred privilege – that you must earn the right to through adherence to my twisted rights.

Do you dare follow down the dark and winding path of my dark and twisted imagination….?

Beautiful, statuesque, leggy and alluring…..