Terms & Conditions

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Term & Conditions

1 – Firstly, beware of fake profiles and scammers who fake my identity on facebook /twitter /insta /fetlife /collar space. use your discretion and avoid getting scammed. Do not come crying to me.
2- Do not ask for a picture of my face unless you want your application to be ignored and trashed.
3- My sessions last a minimum of 2 hours. Do not approach me if you cant endure that. Popular duration’s are 2 and 3 hours. Read donations section for applicable donations and tributes.
4- Donations and tributes are NON – REFUNDABLE, even if plans are cancelled by you.
5- During a session with me, I do not capture random pictures, neither I allow you to do the same. Your phone’s should be switched off before the start of our encounter.
6 -Pictures in my gallery are those of my loyal obedient slaves who are serving me from many years .
7- No bargaining/ partnership /dating/ dinner/friendship offer .
8- You should have correct tribute upon your arrival ,which you will submit at my feet before starting our session. Never make me ask for it.
9- Hygiene is extremely important for me I demand that you arrive clean and behave courteously.
10- I travel all over India / UAE so keep your eyes on only in my travel schedule .
Always keep this in your mind before applying – “I am not the mistress who needs a slave; I am the mistress a slave needs”